The Imprint on The History of Printing

The Imprint on The History of Printing

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Did You Know The History of Printing? It is always good to learn a thing or two about how things were invented, where it originated and how it evolved. This is a little introduction on how printing existed and when it started to become part of the modern world. 

Ever wondered how that book in your hand landed in a bookstore?  Or how pamphlets and brochures came about? How a simple paperback book is printed and how glossy print magazines are produced? Well, I would be glad to impart what I know about this.

The history of the printing press:

According to history, Johannes Gensfleisch zur Laden zum Gutenberg, a German born blacksmith and goldsmith invented the movable type printing press in 1439. However, before this came about, as early as the 8th century, Japan and Korea used carved wooden blocks for printing. This type of printing method was used to produce Buddhist and Taoist treaties by private printers. (By

In the early 11th century, it was around that time when the use of printing emerged in China. The method of printing used during this period is the woodblock printing as well.  China and other East Asian countries had been using this printing method for a few centuries until the movable printing press was invented. Over the course of time, technology helped in the progression of printing.

As what was mentioned earlier, Johannes Gutenberg invented the first movable printing press in the 1400s. He revolutionized the way printing was done. From a very backward method of woodblock printing, he thought of modifying how printing should go about. And the first ever movable printing press was invented. The use of this printing method quickly spread after several years all over Europe, then the entire world and the rest is history.

From a simple woodblock printing, to the first movable printing press, the world of printing evolved since then. Engraving, etching, halftoning, electrophotography emerged from a simple printing method.  We had been enjoying the convenience of printing since it came into existence. Nowadays, we can print images and do graphic designs on almost anything and everything. The world of printing is now limitless with different kinds of devices and equipment, used to impress images, which are available in the market today.

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