What is Content Management System?

What is Content Management System?

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Heard of Content Management System or CMS? If you are planning to setup your online business or have already setup but confused on how to go about it now, then read this article.

The internet has evolved since its first inception in the 1990’s. The simple interface of websites at the beginning has been replaced by more advanced platform and technology.

Currently, CMS or Content Management System dominates the web. CMS is a computer application that enables one to publish, edit, revise, organize and manage websites in a collaborative work.

There are many CMS platforms to choose from. It takes only an intensive research to discover and find the CMS application suited to your needs.

CMS is an excellent tool for any online business as any staff can edit or make changes to the interface even without coding knowledge. You may still need a webmaster for some more complex functions of CMS especially for eCommerce websites where you have a webstore needing order checkout for payments and shipping.

CMS is recommended for news, articles, blogging, and product descriptions. It is used to manage a website’s content. It has two components: Content Management Application (CMA) and Content Delivery Application (CDA). CMA is the system where the administrator or author can make edits to the website without HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) knowledge. On the other hand, CDA is used in compiling data to update the site.

CMS provides template or set of templates to be used for the website and its marketing. It is now possible to have a website with hundreds if not thousands of pages because of CMS.

The best way to take advantage of CMS is to start small for your business startup. You may just have some pages in your website like homepage, about us, products or services page, blog, and contact us page. From there, you may increase the webpages to include privacy policy, terms and conditions, return policy, and add more blog posts.

Catch us next time for another blog post about CMS.