Learn How to Sell Websites: We Renovated Our Web & App Development Solutions

Learn How to Sell Websites: We Renovated Our Web & App Development Solutions

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Do you want to sell websites but you do not know how to begin? A recent survey taught us that you are not alone. We found that many of our clients are interested in web and app development services but feel a little insecure about the way they could begin offering those solutions to their market.

A couple of weeks ago, we made an announcement letting our clients know that we were working on a new way to sell websites. Early response was fantastic and we are now ready for officially launching our renovated tier of web and app development solutions. In our previous announcement, we mentioned only the important changes we were working on for e-commerce sites. The reality is that we also added new services and upgraded some others that you already know.


We will teach you how to sell websites

We are in the business of helping you sell. Unlike many other companies, we take pride in the fact that our approach includes personal dedication and guidance to our clients. We build relationships beyond a simple business transaction. That is why we do not limit ourselves to launching our new web & app development services and wish you good luck with your selling. We want to do more, we want to offer some tips and tricks that we think you can use.

The way we are going to do this is still being polished. We are thinking in maybe doing some webinars, sending periodic brochures to your email, or organizing meetings to discuss your doubts and teach you all you need to know to offer web solutions as a part of your business proposition.

Do you have any suggestions? Get in touch with us and let us know.  


We will give you marketing tools

When we say we are here to help you, we mean it. If you are interested in selling our web and app development solutions to your market, we have prepared some marketing material to assist you. We have designed a series of flyers with comprehensive content that you could use to guide yourself and your clients on the process. The flyers are not branded, which means that you could use them freely and simply attach one of your business cards to it so that the client calls you when they are ready to order.


Meet our new tier of web services

Our renovated web and app development services were designed to improve the online presence of any business. We can help build that online presence from scratch or improve specific aspects of an online business that already exists. The following are our renovated services:


  • Online Stores Ready in Three Weeks

An online store allows selling directly from the Internet. If a business does not have one yet, they are limiting their reach and losing money from lots of potential clients.

 Our approach is different from the usual companies since we focus on providing training on how to use the website, guiding the client through the whole process of uploading products, payment methods, shipping, labeling, and they can pay for everything in convenient monthly payments.


  • Informational Websites In 7 Business Days

If a business model does not focus on selling products, then an informational site is the way to go. They are an ideal option to give online presence and visibility to businesses, allowing their customers to find them on the Internet and helping them support or closing their off-line sales.

We focus on guiding clients and giving them the tools they need to manage their site themselves. There are also options for convenient monthly payments.


  • SEO Solutions

There is a joke that says, “the best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google”. Do you know why? Because academic research indicates that 91% of people do not go beyond page one of the search results. That is where SEO becomes important.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the name for several techniques that improve the positioning of a website in search engines. SEO is about organic visibility, without it, a website might be acting as a store located at the end of a dark alley. Simply put, a website without SEO is losing money.

SEO is the service for all businesses who want to be found on the Internet.


  • Virtual Assistants for Online Businesses

We know that life as a business owner is a busy life. For that reason, we offer the possibility of using the marvels of current technology and get the support they need in a professional, fast and effective way. 

We place at their disposal a person specialized in this type of service that can help them save time and sell more. The assistant could make phone calls, send messages, track social media, and handle other tasks related to day-to-day business operations, all from a remote location.


  • [For Existing Websites] Adding a New Web Page

An option for all businesses that need a new service, product or section on their website. Depending on what they need, a copywriter, a web designer, or a developer will get in touch to understand the requirement and turn the idea into reality.


  • Error Fixing | Content Editing | Upgrades

- Error fixing. If an inexperienced developer built a website and now the owner is struggling with bugs, errors and constant system crashes, the best way to resolve it is to leave it on our hands.

- Content editing. If a website needs a high quality and effective content that can help it rank better in search engines, our team of writers and content editors are the ideal experienced professionals to handle that.

- Upgrades. If a current website does not translate the owner’s vision and fails to fulfill their business needs, you can contact us. We can help establish or enhance the layout of any site.


  • Custom Functionalities? Yes, We Can!

If a website needs to have a custom or special feature, or they already have one but they need to do some changes, this is the right option. Our knowledgeable team of web developers can integrate almost any functionality at an affordable price!


  • App Development: Mobile Tech is the Present & the Future!

The mobile apps revolution is a reality. Investing in an app can help a business in many ways. They can help increase customer engagement, serve as a direct and personalized channel to reach markets, build brand awareness, encourage loyalty, remain competitive, and of course, increase sales!

If a business wants to grow they should invest in a mobile app NOW!


Do you want more information about any of these aspects? Get in touch with us. We would be happy to hear from you.