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It was renovation time a couple of weeks ago for our product menu. We had been thinking for a while about how to make improvements in that area. We tried several ideas, scrapped many others, and finally, we have something worth sharing with you.

Intuitive Categorization

One of the things we aimed to achieve was to bring you a new alternative to the old categories. The old way was not bad, but in some cases some of our clients found themselves doubting about which material they could use for certain applications. They came with those doubts to us and we solved them, but then we also considered how to save that time for our clients. We decided that a more intuitive categorization was the way to go.

Now, when you see the vertical menu you will find the products grouped by recommended or typical uses. All vehicle graphics are in the same place, for instance. If you need something for storefront windows or any other windows, you can check out what we offer in the Window Graphics category. It is that simple. Ask yourself, where are you going to install the material or what do you need it for, and then scan the new categories. We are confident that you will find it by simply reading the category name.

Find Products Easier

Finding products easier is a consequence of the intuitive categorization we now offer you. If a product is suitable for several applications, you are going to find it in more than one category. For example, Vinyl Lettering. That material can be used for interior decoration, vehicle graphics or window graphics. Even with a general idea of what you need, simply by following your instincts after you read the categories’ names, you will likely find what you are looking for.  

Renovated Product Selection

In addition to a more organized way to display our classic products, we have incorporated a few new materials. Bumper stickers, wall adhesive textile, aluminum composite and acrylic boards with standoffs, are some of the new additions to our product selection.

Check the updated catalog and let us know what you think. Is there anything you want currently missing from our product selection? Please, contact us! We would love to help you.