[Coming Soon] Web Services Makeover

[Coming Soon] Web Services Makeover

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Even if you have known us for only a short while, you have probably noticed that continuous improvement is part of our philosophy. The “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” approach might work for some aspects of life, but we know that as a customer you value every innovation that offers you new ways to expand your business.

With that in mind, we are proud to announce that an important change is coming up in the way we offer web services in general. How big is this change? Look at the following key features we will introduce with the new system and let yourself be the judge.


Monthly Payments.

We know that for businesses who are just starting out having all the money for their website at once might be difficult. However, what if they could pay for their website in convenient monthly payments? We will offer that possibility. They could pay full price and receive a special discount, or choose to pay in three, six, and up to twelve months.


New Workflow: 15 steps – 15 days – 1 Website

We have created a series of steps that will allow a business going from offline to online in three weeks. There are 15 steps in total, one per each business day. The process goes from the very essential step of purchasing the website’s name to designing and configuring the website, all the way to even teaching how to create shipping labels and print them.


Personalized Guidance.

To start selling online, there is more than just putting a website live on the Internet. You have to create shipping accounts, configure payment methods, open special bank accounts, and do a series of tasks as a website owner. Most companies do not offer their customers guidance with those aspects, we do.


DoItYOurself Approach.

Another thing most companies do not do is teaching their customers how to use their own website. A lot of them, in fact, give the owners only their administrator credentials and wish them luck. We have included in this new approach several training personalized training sessions to teach owners how to add, edit, and manage products among other things. It is not just the website; we teach also how to use it.


We are currently polishing the details before we can open this new way of doing websites to all our clients. We are doing some pilot projects right now and the response has been fantastic. If you read this and felt you cannot wait to try a project under this new system, contact us! Maybe we can do something for you.