Coming Soon: New Notifications App

Coming Soon: New Notifications App

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Keeping you in the loop is important for us. We understand that knowing the status of an active project is valuable information for you. We have optimized the way you can get that information before, but we are in the business of making the way you do business easier. We will soon launch a new mobile app for iPhone and Android phones that will certainly become a great tool for you.

Under the name GetNotified, this app will keep you informed like never before. These are some key features:

  • Timeline presentation. You will see all the entries in a continuous feed.


  • Different colors for each project type. Graphic designs projects, printing orders, and website or mobile app development projects have different colors for easy identification.


  • Instant notifications for important status changes. You will see a new entry in your timeline every time one of the following things happen.
    • Status changes. In progress, Cancelled, On Hold, and all the other status options.
    • Proof ready. The classic and most beloved status in graphic design projects. Once your assigned designer uploads the proof, you will see a new entry and a preview of it in your timeline.
    • Quote replies. If you request a quote, you will be notified when you get your price back. You can start your order from the app directly.
    • Print-ready files and source files uploading. The second the upload starts, the system will inform you.
    • New message. If a staff member or designer leaves you a message in a project, you will see that message in the app specifying the project ID where it came from.


  • Convenient action icons. You can select icons to view a project in your browser, consult driving directions to our office, call our customer service number, call the associate that left you a message or reply to that message via text, and log in to your account without retyping your credentials on your browser.


How does that sound? All the information you value at, literally, the palm of your hand. We will keep you posted and let you know when the official launch date arrives. For now, take this news with excitement and receive our gratitude for your fidelity and trust in our service.