4 Amazing Tips For Your Next Business Cards

4 Amazing Tips For Your Next Business Cards

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If you’re planning to jump into the adventure of design your brand’s business cards, these are a few things you must considerate before in order to create the best presentation cards ever.

    Considerate that this will be the first sight of your brand, the first piece of work that will represent your company, this card could be the difference between picking you or pick someone else’s company. That’s why having a great design it’s super important to perform a big entry.

1. Keep your target on mind

    We’ve stated before the importance of this tiny little pieces of information, but to make them worth you must always keep your target in mind, what do they like, what do they enjoy and what will attract them to you and make them want to start a business with your company.

    Having a good market study will help you to understand the necessities and preferences of your audience, once you are fully aware of this you will be capable of capture what is the right path for your design, then you’ll be ready to captivate clients or business partners.   

2. Design to amaze

    Our CEO and Founder, Jesus Loeza, defines design as “a graphic expression which primary goal is to create a feeling, an effect or a response”. This is why you better spend time making all the design effective for its purpose.

    How you do feel about your presentation card is also important because that’s what would translate into the design and will humanize it, be sure that your final product it’s something exciting for you, then your passion and enthusiasm for your business will be captured and people will absolutely notice it.

You’ll know you did an excellent job when you handle your card to someone and it immediately ignites a conversation.

3. Use special materials

    We’ve let very clear how much we believe in the key of impress, using unusual material can make a big difference between drown you card in a pile of many or keep it forever as part of a private art-card collection.

    Enjoy the creative process. Evaluate printing techniques and different materials. Always remember that this information could be easily found online but this kind of exchange will allow people to remember you with the help of a different texture, graphics, materials, games or funny messages.

4. Keep it simple

    Don’t saturate a business card with unnecessary information, they are commonly small for a reason, their only job is to amazingly show the essential information about you and your brand.


Something to think deeply about is hiring the right person for all this design process if you’re not up to do it yourself. Here in DEV1150, we have the most qualified personal for this, just click on our Business Card section and order it as you want.

Remember, if you can fit your entire business in an 85mm x 55mm rectangle perfectly, efficient and aesthetically, that means you have a simple, clear and strong idea.

If you follow this tips you will able to get the holy grail of design responses: WOW!

What are your personal tips for those who are thinking about getting their first business cards?