Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

Digital Printing vs Offset Printing

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If you are torn between digital and offset printing, we will provide you with the best information about both of them so you’ll be able to decide which one of them adjusts better to your necessities.

Offset Printing

The technology of offset printing is based on printing plates made from aluminum and wet ink, the plates are used to transfer your image onto a rubber “blanket”, then rolling that image onto a sheet of paper. It’s the traditional method for printing because it involves a direct transfer of ink onto the paper, that’s why is highly recommended when you want to do an extra special print adding metallic or Pantone colors to your pieces or even using one of the varieties of papers available for this method.

Digital Printing

In the other hand, digital printing doesn’t use plates and is output directly from electronic files, the technology used for this method are toners or larger printers with liquid ink. It’s ideal when each one of your prints requires a unique code or name.

When looking for the best printing method you’ll want to considerate factors as: time, money, quantity and quality

Larger quantities

If you need larger quantities of the same exact project to be printed, offset is the best option because it provides accurate color reproduction and clean professional looking printing.


If you’re in a hurry for a project, digital printing is the best option, with a digital press you can have flyers or business cards printed in minutes ready to be handed. Because of the wet ink involver, offset printing has a wait time until it dries enough to be handed without ruining the image.


When printing a special project with personalized features like customized papers, textures or colors, offset printing is the best option available because it provides you a free imagination reproduction.


If you are looking for economic prints, digital printing is the ideal method for you, especially when it comes to black and white reproductions because they are completely inexpensive.


We want to hear from you. What do you think are the advantages of digital and offset printing? What would you pick without hesitating?