Now Available: New Options to Enhance Your Presentations!

Now Available: New Options to Enhance Your Presentations!

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Just as we announced a couple of weeks back, will now give you better option so you can present projects to your clients and close that sale easily!

Here is a list of our new features:

Request a Mockup
Now, when you place your order’s information you are going to be able to ask for a mockup version of your design. For a very small fee, our designer will give you a photomontage of your design request, which will surely cause a positive impact on how you make your presentation to your client. A mockup will make it easier, more professional and impactful. 

Design Variations
With the same idea in mind, we have included the option to request variations of a design. 
We know that sometimes a client might want to check out several variations of the same design before deciding which one they prefer the most. In the past, you had to contact us directly to ask for this special option, but those days are over and now you will save that time, because thanks to this new functionality, you simply have to click and input the number of design variations you desire. 

Water Mark Your Proof
Another now available is a proof watermark. This new option enhances the impact of what your client receives and prevent any misuse of the test image, by adding a watermark text to your proof.  

We are still working on more exciting new features to simplify the way you work with us. For DEV1150, this is just the beginning!