Coming Soon:  Better Options to Enhance Your Presentations!

Coming Soon: Better Options to Enhance Your Presentations!

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Request a Mockup

One of the most common requests we have been receiving for a while is the capability of requesting a mockup display of a design, so you would be able to present the artwork to your client and they can imagine easily how the printed final work would look. 


We are proud to announce that very soon, that will be possible. We are working on including a new field that will appear when you are placing your order’s information that once selected, and for a very small fee, will instruct our designer to provide a photomontage or mockup version of the design you request, in order to make your presentation to your client more easy, professional and impressive. 

Design Variations
With the same idea in mind, shortly you will be able to request variations of a design. 
We know that sometimes, your client wants to check a few options and versions of the same design idea for them to decide which one they prefer the most. In the past, you had to contact us directly to ask for this special option, but very soon, a new functionality will allow you to just click and input the number of design variations you desire, thus saving you time.  

Water Mark Your Proof
Another option that will soon be available is a proof watermark. 

We will be offering the possibility of adding a watermark text to your proofs, to enhance the impact of what your client receives and prevent any misuse of the test image.  

We will keep you posted regarding the official launch of these new features!