Official Launch:  Our New Notifications System is Ready!

Official Launch: Our New Notifications System is Ready!

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Just as we announced before, we have been working on a new notifications system to let you know automatically once a proof is ready, a designer leaves you a message, or any other important change occurs in the status of your projects. We are proud to announce that this exciting new functionality is finally ready!

To stay in the loop, all you need to do is use Google Chrome as your browser and click on “allow notifications”, on your desktop computer or smartphone; we have optimized this feature only for that browser at this moment due to its popularity.

However, you can also set-up your mobile number on a new special field we have created in your dashboard, which will allow you to receive some notifications via text.

Internally, our staff will also receive notifications for almost everything now. We never kept you waiting long, but now we have taken measures to ensure any message you leave us will always be noticed immediately. 

Now we can be more connected and keep you informed easily, so you can just focus on selling!