No more page refreshing. Get notified!

No more page refreshing. Get notified!

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We know that in the past if you wanted to know if your project was ready you had to check your dashboard manually, and in a busy day selling, that was not ideal at best. 

We are aware of the precious time lost on the occasions where we left you a message on your project’s page, and you just did not see it for hours because you could not know we have been trying to reach you. Those days are close to being over!

We are currently doing tests on a new functionality on our website that will notify you any time an important change occurs in the status of your projects. Once the proof is ready or a designer leaves you a message or puts your project on hold. We will let you know automatically.

All you need to do to stay in the loop is to use Google Chrome as your browser and allow notifications, both on your desktop computer or mobile device; we have optimized this feature only for that browser since it is the most popular.

However, you will also be able to receive some notifications via text by setting-up your mobile number on a new special field we have created for that purpose in your dashboard.

Internally, our staff will also receive notifications for almost everything now. We never kept you waiting long, but now we have taken measures to ensure any message you leave us will always be noticed immediately. 

We will be more connected and you will be more informed than ever before!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The official launch of these new features is coming very soon. We will keep you posted.