Focus on selling!  We have updated our proof system

Focus on selling! We have updated our proof system

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We are happy to announce that we have made some important improvements to our proof system. 

Automatic options for your client to see their work.

The way you can send the proof to your client once the design is ready not only includes the usual manual blind send feature anymore. Now you can input your client’s mobile number or email address and once the proof is ready it will be sent automatically via text, email or both. Thus saving you time.


The page on which your client sees the proof is now more user-friendly.

We have also made the way the page on which your client interacts with the proof more easy to understand and navigate. Now, when the access the page, it shows a short and easy to understand pop-up with instructions on how to submit changes or approve a design.


A new chat feature allows your client to talk directly to the designer.

On the same proof page, we have included a chat that will allow your client to send messages directly to the designer in charge of their project. They can write there to explain changes or ask about project status. You do not have to be the intermediary anymore. We can handle your project follow up; you can just focus on selling.


We hope that with this changes you could save the time that doing follow up implies. With these new features, you just have to place your order in the system and we will carry the project until its approval. Sweet, isn’t it? And the best thing is, for DEV1150, this is just the beginning, the best is yet to come…