3 Expert Tips To Create Eye-Catchy & Successful Storefronts

3 Expert Tips To Create Eye-Catchy & Successful Storefronts

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A business’ storefront is their presentation to passing customers. If used correctly, storefront displays can do wonders for grabbing attention, and even draw and redirect all the foot traffic into the store, all of which could turn into increased sales. That is why leaving the windows as they are, clear and boring, is not really a good idea considering the visual nature and dynamics of the present world.

A storeowner has several options to choose from to achieve eye-catchy storefronts, and promote their products or services. Whether it is custom vinyl window graphics, perforated or inside mount - adhesive, or regular stickers, all the way to vinyl lettering, the variety of products available to create visually appealing storefronts is full with possibilities. 

As you might be aware, here at DEV1150, we offer the full catalog of large format signage options to create attractive storefront displays that could differentiate any business from their competitors. However, we understand that sometimes it may seem difficult to start and select what works and looks good considering each store individual needs and target audience. With that in mind, we have compiled 03 general tips or ideas that will help you guide storeowners through the process of turning their store windows into a tasteful advertising element.

#1. The Importance of First Impressions. 

Just like with most things in life, in advertising first impressions matter. 

Even though with time window graphics have evolved from simple paint to attractive and visually appealing decals, quite often the best way to maximize a message is by keeping it simple. In terms of effectiveness, there is no difference between a clear or empty window display and a poorly designed storefront.

The impression that the storefront design leaves on the customers is a key element involved in whether they feel drawn towards a business or quite the opposite. It is important to always keep in mind that the main goal of having window decals or decorative window film is to make money as well as standing out from the competition. That is why to successfully attract potential customers a storefront design must be clever, well designed and strategically located.  

#2. There is a difference between being memorable and being effective. 

A business’s windows are in reality a premium advertising space. Since they are almost certainly the first thing that customers see when they look towards a store, bad advertising, which in this context means poorly designed storefronts that convey the wrong message to potential customers, are a common problem.  

Many storefront designs suffer from something often seen in television commercials: the audience remembers the ad but forgets what product was being advertised. To avoid this bad practice, it is important to keep the product or message on display as the focal point of the design. In addition, a chaotic and information packed display will be always less appealing to the eye. Simplicity and strategic order are the keys to use storefront display/windows the right way.   

Another element that all successful window decals have is the inclusion of critical information such as business name, website domain, store hours and contact information. Keep in mind that storefront graphics are on display even when the store is closed, so the amount of impressions they get is too remarkable to just let a potential customer see the signs and leave confused.

#3. Keeping it fresh is also important.  

Novelty is also a fundamental factor for successful storefronts. People, in general, are constantly exposed to billboards and signs everywhere and is very common that if a person knows an ad is going to be in a determined space and say something that they have already seen before, they would probably choose to ignore it.

The truth is that it is not enough for a display to be creative, attractive and effective. Even a perfect storefront window can start failing and look boring and go unnoticed when left up for months. That is why it is necessary to change up a bit some details to keep attracting the attention of current and new customers.

Static window clings and seasonal promotions are easy and very effective ways to achieve a novelty feel. Capitalizing on impulse purchases announcing special promotions and discounts is a good idea as well. Since window graphics are an ideal media for communicating information to potential customers, that sense of periodic renewal can be achieved by spreading the message every time a store has a new product, service, or something exciting they want to promote.  

Bonus Tip: Design thinking from the outside looking in. 

Now that we have reached this point, we think we can all agree that leaving the windows of a business bare is not a good marketing idea. In addition, evidently, we can measure the effectiveness of a storefront design based on its capacity to draw the attention of passing customers. Nonetheless, just like books, businesses are inevitably judged by exterior appearances at first, so it is imperative to go outside the store and see the exterior of the business when you want to design the best possible storefront. 

With the current advancements in signage technology, the product selection and the material possibilities are broad. However, when designing storefronts, specific elements of the exterior and the business’s location must also be considered. Elements like trees, billboards, constantly parked cars in front of the store, visibility to passing customers inside vehicles, among many others, are an example of external components that if taken into consideration, can help avoid predictability and have a significant impact in a storefront’s success.