Corrugated Plastic Signs Why are they so Popular?

Corrugated Plastic Signs Why are they so Popular?

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Also known as corriboard or Cor-Plastic, corrugated plastic has been present in the industry since the seventies. Obtained from the polypropylene extrusion, the corrugated plastic has a honeycomb structure, just like the corrugated cardboard, with lots of applications and advantages over the traditional materials, given its characteristics such as strength, lightness, impermeability, practicality, flexibility, and versatility.

It’s mainly known as Coroplast as a tradename from the producing company which shares the same name. Coroplast is one of the most versatile products when it comes to signage. This tough and waterproof plastic is usually used for yard signs, political signs, parking signs, sidewalk signs, spinning signs, indoor and outdoor signs, and many other applications.

Coroplast plastic is 100% recyclable. This plastic is tougher than corrugated fiberboard but lighter then extruded plastic. Did I mention that Coroplast is water resistant, weather resistant, fade resistant, and stain resistant? In addition to the standard Coroplast, the company also offers a recycled, eco-friendly version, an archival quality version, a clear version, and a fire-resistant version, making it the ideal choice for all outdoor signage needs regardless of climate.

Coroplast comes precut in a variety of standard sizes and colors, including white, black, yellow, blue, green, natural, granby blue, and gray. If you are ordering more than 5,000 square feet, you can also opt for custom sizes and custom colors, including brown, ivory, orange, red, navy, silver, and purple.

It comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors, with the most popular form being 18” x 24” white. A standard cor-plastic sign blank is 4mm thick, but thicker, more rugged versions are available. But what makes these lightweight plastic signs so popular?

They’re vinyl friendly, easy to use, versatile, and very affordable. Cor-plastic is the ideal substrate for short term outdoor vinyl graphics. Its smooth surface makes for quick and permanent adhesion by just about any adhesive-backed vinyl. The flutes (the open channels inside the corrugation) make it easy to mount on vertical stakes for quick and easy insertion in any relatively soft unpaved surface. For this reason the finished package is often referred to as a “yard sign”.

For use on hard surfaces like sidewalks, cor-plastic signs can be displayed in small portable A-frames. For indoor displays, these nifty light weight signs can be easily hung with grommets or new hangers that fit inside the flutes. So cor-plastic blanks can be used in lots of different commercial and retail spaces from roadsides to restaurants.

And finally, they’re very economical. Corrugated plastic sign blanks are the industry’s least expensive vinyl substrate. So if you’re going to offer low cost retail signs, cor-plastic is a must have in your shop’s inventory. Now, what about the printing?

If you’re planning to make custom signs using Coroplast, you’ll need a very specific type of printer: a UV inkjet large format version that is either flatbed or roll to roll. Because this equipment is so costly, the best option for most people who are interested in printing on Coroplast is to take it to a professional large format and offset printing company like us at DEV1150. Be sure to ask us about any specials we may have!