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For marketing companies, the large world internet penetration rates are not an unknown fact. They know that the number of users that utilize the web as a way to inform themselves about a product, and more importantly purchase it, grows larger each year. Given this reality, the digital advertising industry is currently in a stage of revolution, and with the wide range of available opportunities, it is not surprising that pioneer brands seek to exploit innovation niches to gain any competitive advantage they can possibly get.   

On the other hand, one of the fundamental goals of any business is to remain current and relevant within the market space they occupy, therefore the attention for new trends and the incursion in the media in which their consumers or clients interact with the brands or each other, becomes an incontrovertible task in any marketing plan.   

Among these new trends, mobile devices presently stand out due to the progressive increase in the mobile advertising investment and marketers interest to explore and exploit these scenarios.  Experts have no doubt: mobile marketing is a great opportunity.

However, what is mobile marketing? It has been coined under this term any marketing activity that takes place through a mobile device, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops, to name the most popular.

Essentially, the majority of traditional online marketing considerations apply to mobile marketing, nevertheless there are certain key points that differentiate the two.  The fundamental one: the user is always connected. The smartphone has become an <<extension of our body>>, as well as a <<personal>> device that brings immediacy to a variety of activities related with our daily life and consumption habits.

The mobile phone is no longer used just to make and receive calls, instead it is now a complement to the PC, and tends to be used simultaneously with other media such as TV. Also, a great percentage of mobile web searches are local, which allows to easily offer location based services to, for example give exclusive offers, discounts and deals.

With this in mind, it is very important for our site to be optimized, since it is more likely for consumers to buy from distributors with mobile adapted websites; responsive design is one of the best ways to accomplish said optimization.  

With regard to the most used mobile marketing strategies, display and search advertising stand out, as well as SMS-MMS-OTT messaging, mobile optimized content, apps and rich media ads, to name the more traditional ones, and if what you want is to improve the user’s interaction with your product or brand, QR codes are a great and interesting way to do it.

On the whole, the key is to comprehend the excellent opportunity that mobile marketing brings, adopt it, act analytically and rationally to test, learn and continuously optimize the mobile execution of our campaigns; the brands that master these basic principles will be the winner brands of tomorrow. You must be sure that the way in which you show your ads is properly directed to your target audience or client, in order to reach your demographic sector in an optimal fashion, and since we are facing increasingly demanding and selective users, it is imperative to get their attention with a visually appealing and personalized message.