How do you represent your brand?

How do you represent your brand?

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The current market demands companies to define their corporate identity from a specific point of view, in a task where the creation of a good logo is more than a simple added element, it represents an inevitable and necessary step to finally affirm the so called distinction that would probably help them guarantee business success. 

Firstly, there is a need to differentiate between simple manipulation of a Graphic Design software, regardless of its primary functionality, and designing a good logo under specific parameters, also it is necessary to know how to distinguish and identify a person that delivers a simple scribble for a few cents, from the one that offers a quality work for a fair price.

With this in mind, there are people not aware of the importance that branding holds and that ignore a logo’s capability of speaking for their company or product, due to the fact that it is often the first impression given to a customer and that sometimes, saving some pennies can mean losing a major client. That is why, a good logo must reflect the company’s personality with each line and color it possesses.

Furthermore, it is necessary to consider certain elements that sometimes pass unnoticed by most, such as the target audience or the brand’s values. Each detail taken into account will help perfect the visual idea that your company needs in order to be able to exceed expectations. A well designed logo must have attitude, project quality and trustworthiness.

It is clear then, that possessing enough information about the client is required to be able to understand what they want to reflect through their image. But, what information must I get? We mentioned previously some aspects such as target audience, but other points exist that sometimes are not taken into account for designing. Primarily, we must know what our client offers or what they do; how they sell a product or provide a service. Then, it would help to know what represents their main competitor, their mission and vision, and from there, possibilities are endless.

Regarding the rules that must be followed to achieve your perfect or appropriate logo, we must specially know that less is more, in other words, simplicity will give us the advantage to be able to easily convey our message. Also, it is indispensable for it to be both versatile and be shown in black and white, in addition to being memorable, so the shape and colors used, must be adequate.

Finally, what really matters is the first impression. The guidance of a true professional will make the result worth the investment, will boost your business to the world and will help you accomplish every single one of your goals. You must never forget the importance of the visual and how vital it is to be different.