Why do you need a responsive web design?

Why do you need a responsive web design?

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Technology inevitably surrounds us. Year after year, the number of people that want to access the last gadget that the market has to offer grows larger and larger. The need to be up to date and have a mobile device that not only manages to keep us communicated but also entertained and happy, serves as a perfect example of how the user has evolved. 

Web pages also have evolved. Initially many companies were content with having a basic design made with Flash, not even thinking in results or conversions. Now, with the premise of offering an optimal website, these same companies have adapted to some type of Content Management System (CMS) to apply SEO tools and achieve good search engine positioning.

Because of that, nowadays a website’s effectiveness has begun to be measured by the quantity of conversions and the interactions that occur through it. Therefore, the user’s experience has become the first and only priority in any web portal, no matter if it is an online shop, a blog or just a digital space where a product or service is presented.

However, how to optimize the user’s experience? It has been a work of years to be able to find the answer, and the number of elements that must participate to create that perfect harmony between website and user are numerous. Today, we will be discussing one of those elements: responsive design.

Responsive web design is a web designing technique, whose purpose is to allow the user to visualize in an effective manner, and in a single design, the content of a site in different devices. From a desktop PC to a tablet or smartphone, with no regard for dimensions, resolution or memory capacity of the device used.

With this in mind, this technique reduces costs and development time from the beginning, and later it considerably minimizes the maintenance requirements for each site. In addition, it makes content management and maintenance a lot easier, which in turn simplifies the way in which the user shares.

Currently, over 80 percent of social media users utilize a mobile device, this indicates that if the user accesses our portal through a smartphone, they could possibly have apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others installed, and if they wish to share something, a web with responsive design will make it faster and feel natural.

Now you understand the importance of responsive web design and why your website needs of this technique to generate conversions. So, if you have not checked if your site is responsive or not, it is the time to do it, and if you do not have a website, you better start today! Because the competition is fierce and will never stop, and in this world of technology there is no other option but to improve.