The Difference Between Mesh Banner and Vinyl Banner

The Difference Between Mesh Banner and Vinyl Banner

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For brick and mortar businesses or those with a physical office or storefront, you may need mesh banner or vinyl banner. You may have heard of these banners but unable to distinguish the difference.

Here’s how…

Vinyl banner is primarily used in outdoor banners advertising but the smaller banner can be used indoors and for short term uses. Vinyl banners are very cost effective for a new business especially those with limited budget for marketing their products and services. Our large format inkjet banner printer can print a billboard sized vinyl banner. Another alternative is a double-sided vinyl banner that can be used for advertising for both sides at the same time.

On the other hand, mesh banner is a type of banner that has holes in them. These holes allow the air to pass through the banner when the air is windy. However, the holes are not so visible from a distance so the colored printing effect is not compromised.

Vinyl banners are cheaper banners compared to mesh banners. Mesh banners can be used long term because of its durability while vinyl banners are mostly for short term usage. Mesh banner can only be used in one-sided advertising unlike vinyl banner.

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