7 Best Websites to Learn PHP

7 Best Websites to Learn PHP

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Want to learn the basics of PHP development? Read our article to learn about the  7 websites that teach PHP for newbies or beginners. 

Currently, web development is gaining momentum since almost all businesses are now switching to online platforms. A startup company needs a good, functional, and attractive website not only to build an online brand and reputation but more importantly, to make sales and increase conversions.

It is necessary to build a website and craft marketing campaigns in order to be visible and establish a name for your business or company. With that being said, a startup or a small to medium sized business can be at par with the leading and the giants in the industry if they build an optimized website and employ a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy.

To build a website, you need a professional web developer. However, if you are building your own website, it is important to learn the basics of programming like PHP and HTML. For this article, we will tackle the best websites to learn PHP on your own.

PHP stands for Personal Home Page initially but later on became known as PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor. It is a script language and interpreter that works well with HTML to create webpages. Here you will find the 7 best websites to learn PHP:

1.      PHP Manual

This is the official manual for learning PHP and covers the basics from overall security to commands and functions. This is excellent for mobile viewing so you can learn it wherever you go.

2.    PHP Tutorial by Tizag

The format of this tutorial is similar to a textbook as it contains direct reference to PHP. This teaches the commands and methods but not exactly the application per se but useful for learning coding.

3.    PHP 101

This is for beginners of PHP. There are many useful and entertaining tutorials in this website. This resource is very easy to understand and follow by example.

4.    Hacking With PHP (Formerly Practical PHP Programming)

A practical guide separated by chapters with a concise overview about PHP. There are exercises and additional resources included which will make a PHP learner to increase knowledge in coding and PHP script.

5.     Killer PHP

This is a hands-on tutorial that lets you dive into the PHP coding. There are many videos that let you learn PHP the easier way and as quickly as possible.

6.    Lynda

Lynda is not a blog to learn PHP but a website where the experts publish their courses and students will enroll and learn. One catch is that it is not free, you pay for courses that you want to learn.

7.     Udemy

Udemy is almost the same as Lynda except that there are many courses that are free for a limited time. Experts here teach the students the life skills they need to be globally competitive in their line of career.