About Us


What do we do?

Imagine a place that you as a print broker can go to and find almost everything you need in a convenient one-stop service presentation. A product selection that covers everything you expect to find at a trade printer that offers large format printing, stationery, promotional marketing tools – such as T-Shirts, personalized mugs, hats, and others – and much more.

How much more? Add to everything graphics and arts services as well as Web and App development. When you register, yougain access to a platform on which you can upload the graphic design projects yourclient requires and connect directly with a talented and specialized designer. Once the project is assigned, you will have your work ready usually in less than 24 hours.

We serve as a link between that talented designer and you. We receive portfolios and recruit graphic designers from various sources and backgrounds and they are standing by to work with you on the projects you bring us. They work with you, not for us. You have total control. We only make sure that the graphic designer assigned to your project will not only know what works visually for each type of project, but they will also take care of creating an effective proposal according to the specific application. We connect you with not only designers that create attractive graphics, butmore importantly graphics that boost sales.

In addition, for web and App projects you can find experienced and knowledgeable developers that through our platform can receive the requirements of your project and build a complete web or app environment from scratch. These websites can be informational or specifically for selling online (e-commerce) and if the website already exists, they can also help you with error fixing, upgrades, content addition, and other related tasks.


How can we help you?

There are many companies online claiming they are the best or offering the highest quality in service. However, we won’t step into that trap of claiming something with superlatives without actual proof. Do you want to test our materials? Ask for samples and check yourself the quality of our products. We are confident that as it has happened for the majority of our clients, if not for the competitive prices, you will stay for the high quality of what we sell, the convenient turnarounds (next day available almost in everything), and the sense of reliability you will enjoy with us.

Which brings us back to our platform. We have designed and optimized our website with the needs of a broker in mind. Since our whole business concept is to make our brokers' profits grow, our website is packed with useful functionalities that make all the hard work easy for you. By registering, you get access to a rangeof effective tools, which help youkeep a smooth and efficient workflow,save time, and sell more.

Placing printing orders using our website is fast, easy and convenient – you will likely find our order calculator very helpful. However, the graphic design and web/app development follow-up features are actually the jewels in our crown. Forget about any hassle while requesting changes, the follow-up of a project is a piece of cake thanks to our advanced, simple and intuitive system.

We could go on and on about the benefits and features of our system. Nonetheless, if you as a broker are tired of doing follow-up over the phone or email, struggling to explain the changes you need for a projectthat a designer is doing for you, we say to you,there is no need to struggle anymore. Try our system on a small project if you like; we are confident you will notice the impact on efficiency and approval-time immediately.


Where does our name come from?

DEV1150 had a humble beginning and since then we have maintained that sense of humility as we keep growing. The truth is, we are not a big soul-less corporation and we are proud of it. Our size allows us to give you personalized attention and quick solutions to any inquiry or issue you may bring us, which also helps build strong relationships between our clients and us.

About our name, we started out in 2014 by offering web-developing services. Our founder worked as a designer at a marketing agency at the time, and he had been trying to put aside some money for years to create his own company. He struggled so much to raise it, that when he actually was able to reach a total of $1,150 as capital for his business, he decided to include it in the company name. He says, “…it serves as a reminder of how much I had to sacrifice and work to get started”. In short, DEV1150 is the company of adeveloper that started out with only $1,150 in his bank account.

Since then, we bought our first printers and equipment and the company took off. We used our knowledge and connections in the web-developing industry to build a platform that allows print and web services brokers to sell more efficiently andwe have been growing steadily ever since.

To start working with us and join our community of satisfied clients, click on the green “Register” button at the top of this page. For any inquiry, you can always call our toll-free number (888) 811-5807.

Welcome to DEV1150!

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