About Us

Dev1150 had a humble beginning. We started as a web design agency of 11 people in our team doing the work of 50 people, hence the name, Dev 1150.

Our vision and mission is to help small to medium sized business owners to increase their sales and conversions through our services. We are experts in what we do. We serve our clients the best way we could. We are a digital marketing agency that cares for the success of our clients.

Dev1150 evolved through time and we are currently offering other services to suit the changing needs of our clients. We are a one-stop service center for any business. Whatever you need to set up your online business, we have them all.

Our company guarantees and promises best quality, excellent customer service, and fast turnaround. We give each client a satisfying and outstanding experience for every service.

We have a new system in our website to organize projects and help remove hassles and stress along the way. Our main services are web development, design services, and large format printing. For web development, we can build simple or e-commerce websites for our clients depending on the need. For design services, we offer graphic, logo, app, web and other design works.

For large format printing, we cater to signage, banner, and other printing needs. Our printing service is high quality and we use the best machinery and the best ink. We make sure that our clients are satisfied therefore all the printouts undergo intensive inspection before delivery with next day turnaround in all our products.

Other Dev1150 services can be found on the Services webpage.

We work with integrity, diligence, and efficiency. We produce outputs that are high quality and at a price you can afford.

We are not the regular web design agency you can normally find in the internet. We commit, deliver, fulfill, and follow through.

That’s what we do.